“I have been a student of Stalford since Primary 3. I was a naturally weak student in my primary school days and on top of that, I had little interest in my studies! If not for Stalford, I might not have passed my PSLE. After my PSLE, it was a good wake up call for me. Since I had improved in my studies, I was happy to continue my learning with Stalford. I decided to focus on my weaker subjects for the ‘O’ Levels. I like my teacher, Mr Alex Chee, a lot as he is always very innovative in coming up with different games to introduce various concepts. Whatever I did not understand in school, I can always count on him to clear my doubts. Even if all of us were weak in different topics, he would prepare the notes to target all these areas, none of us were ever neglected.”

 Tan Li Mei Christine - Westwood Sec