“I was faring really badly in school at the end of my Secondary 2 education, out of 150 students, I was at the 120th range so you can imagine! My Physics teacher, Mr Jay Liew, gave me a lot of notes and past year examination questions to practise. His notes include detailed explanation for each question. Being taught by him for a year in Secondary 3 really set a strong foundation for me in Physics. After improving tremendously, I stopped my tuition in Secondary 4 but still went on to achieve an A2 for the subject!

I find 1-to-1 tuition not useful, there was even a time when my ex-tutor spent the entire lesson trying to solve a question I asked – at the end of the 2-hr-lesson, the question still remained unsolved and all I could do was to wait for her. Such scenarios are not uncommon in private tuition. At Stalford, we are in the good hands of experienced tutors who are either current school teachers or ex-school tutors who are very experienced and in touch with the syllabus.”

Low Siew Khim – Clementi Town Sec