“I took up lessons with Stalford barely a few months before my ‘O’ Levels as I began to panick for the year end examinations. I was never one who would initiate taking lessons; even my mum was surprised I would ask her to enroll me in a centre! I had private tuition during my primary school days and I felt that was too stressful for me. Since my friends who were already studying with Stalford were all doing well, I felt that I can put my trust in them. I realize that once I start to master Physics, I begin to love it! I find it amazing that I can solve all the questions after tuition at Stalford – the feeling is just fantastic! The notes that Stalford provides are so good I was sharing them with my friends. After my results were released, my mum was recommending people to the centre, haha!”

Tan Zi Rui – Ang Mo Kio Sec