Student Testimonials

Wang Yi Xue – F9 TO A1 IN E. & A. MATH, C. SCI

“It was really a struggle for me to master the English language when I first arrived from China 4 years ago. However, after I enrolled myself in English classes with Stalford, I started feeling much more comfortable with expressing myself in English. It was no longer that daunting a task to read aloud a passage in English. My teacher was very patient and responsible. He provided a very nurturing environment for conducive learning. “

Wang Yixue – North Vista Sec 


“I was with Stalford since I was in Primary 1 – that makes it 10 years! The teachers were friendly and they really took the effort to understand and to cater to the needs of each and every student despite the differences in our learning abilities. One of my teacher would formulate his own questions – this made learning Amaths a really enriching experience for me.”

Ng Yin Hao – Jurong Sec


“I have been a student of Stalford since Primary 5. I felt that I need extra practices at my studies even though I find my school teachers good. Mr Jay Liew is a fantastic teacher. He devises his own methods to help students to understand concepts effectively. He is also a jovial teacher and often crack jokes to make us relax during his lessons, thereby making us enjoy learning.”

 Vanessa Shermander Hon - St Magarets Sec


“I have been a student of Stalford since Primary 3. I was a naturally weak student in my primary school days and on top of that, I had little interest in my studies! If not for Stalford, I might not have passed my PSLE. After my PSLE, it was a good wake up call for me. Since I had improved in my studies, I was happy to continue my learning with Stalford. I decided to focus on my weaker subjects for the ‘O’ Levels. I like my teacher, Mr Alex Chee, a lot as he is always very innovative in coming up with different games to introduce various concepts. Whatever I did not understand in school, I can always count on him to clear my doubts. Even if all of us were weak in different topics, he would prepare the notes to target all these areas, none of us were ever neglected.”

 Tan Li Mei Christine - Westwood Sec


“I have been with Stalford for 7 years. The teachers at Stalford are really a fun bunch. I looked forward to attending classes because they were so engaging and interactive. There were no communication barriers and they really understood what we needed. The small class size was conducive for learning effectively.”

Alvin Phee – Boon Lay Sec 


“I took up lessons with Stalford barely a few months before my ‘O’ Levels as I began to panick for the year end examinations. I was never one who would initiate taking lessons; even my mum was surprised I would ask her to enroll me in a centre! I had private tuition during my primary school days and I felt that was too stressful for me. Since my friends who were already studying with Stalford were all doing well, I felt that I can put my trust in them. I realize that once I start to master Physics, I begin to love it! I find it amazing that I can solve all the questions after tuition at Stalford – the feeling is just fantastic! The notes that Stalford provides are so good I was sharing them with my friends. After my results were released, my mum was recommending people to the centre, haha!”

Tan Zi Rui – Ang Mo Kio Sec


“I joined Stalford a little bit before my mid year examinations in Secondary 4 and within a short time, my grades for Pure Chemistry improved from E8 to B3 in my 1st semester. I prefer group tuition as I can learn from the questions raised by other students in the class. I feel that the scope of questions I can ask during a 1-to-1 tuition is very limited. My teacher, Mr Tan, is very focus in teaching and he even stays up to an hour after class for us to clear all our doubts with him! Knowing that students can be shy about raising questions, he will sometimes get the whole class to close their eyes and ask who do not understand a question to raise their hands. After which, he will spend time to go through it. I truly appreciate his dedication!”

Chi Ching – Nan Hua High 


“I only joined Stalford after my first preliminary examinations (around 3 months before ‘O’ Levels) as I started to panic for my papers. I was given a lot of practice papers during my lessons. My teacher, Mr Jay Liew, will refresh the concepts and provide intensive revision of topics. If there are students who managed to solve a question with better methods, he would share it with the whole class and I feel that I benefitted from this. The notes he has prepared for his class is so good that I can understand the concept simply by reading!”

Yukei Oo – Commonwealth Sec


“I was recommended by my friend who also took lessons with Stalford AMK. I was taught by Mr Gabriel Morais and he always highlights key points for us. I feel that this is extremely important for effective learning as each lesson is around 90mins. He prepares topical questions for us to revise and prepare for the examinations. Under his teaching, I managed to improve my grade from a borderline C6 to A1 in ‘O’ Levels!”

Tan Yi Jie, Xiena - Ang Mo Kio Sec


“I was taught by Mr Cham in Mathematics. He often compiles practice questions and formulas  for us for revision. Every student in his class has been taught by him for a long time – which can imply that his lessons are not only effective but enjoyable. As everyone knows one another, he even treated us to food during our farewell party as we are all graduating from secondary school! Before our ‘O’ Levels, he gave us a crash revision that lasted for 4hours, that really showed his dedication and passion.”

Lee Wan Rong – Crescent Girls Sec 


“My teacher at Stalford has left a deep impression on me. He was able to communicate with all of the students and teaches the subject with great enthusiasm and humour. All these have contributed to my consistent good results for Mathematics.”

Valerie Oh – Ang Mo Kio Sec


“I was faring really badly in school at the end of my Secondary 2 education, out of 150 students, I was at the 120th range so you can imagine! My Physics teacher, Mr Jay Liew, gave me a lot of notes and past year examination questions to practise. His notes include detailed explanation for each question. Being taught by him for a year in Secondary 3 really set a strong foundation for me in Physics. After improving tremendously, I stopped my tuition in Secondary 4 but still went on to achieve an A2 for the subject!

I find 1-to-1 tuition not useful, there was even a time when my ex-tutor spent the entire lesson trying to solve a question I asked – at the end of the 2-hr-lesson, the question still remained unsolved and all I could do was to wait for her. Such scenarios are not uncommon in private tuition. At Stalford, we are in the good hands of experienced tutors who are either current school teachers or ex-school tutors who are very experienced and in touch with the syllabus.”

Low Siew Khim – Clementi Town Sec


“I have studied with Stalford for 2 years. Since I joined the centre, I have seen remarkable improvement in my grades for Combined Science, which I had difficulty passing. My teacher, Gabriel Morais, explains concepts in a very clear manner to me. He also gives students a lot of practices and goes through each question with us.”

Seth Lim Jun Wei - St Patrick Sec


“My English teacher, Mdm Julie, often shares good articles from Reader Digest’s with us. This greatly helped me in building my vocabulary for composition. I find her style of teaching very interactive, and this made me enjoy learning. My English had always been a borderline passing in school and I was over the moon when I received an A1 for the subject for my ‘O’ Levels. Thank you Stalford!”

Noor Rashida Bte Meera Sabib - Commonwealth Sec


“I have thoroughly benefitted from my enrollment in Amaths with Stalford. My teacher recognizes each and everyone of our strengths and weaknesses. She constantly spurs us on and motivates us to work intensively on our practice papers. She never hesitates to build on from the basics, so as to ensure that each and everyone of us understands every topic. “

Neo Kang Wei – Bowen Sec


“I saw significant improvement in my Emaths and Amaths when I joined Stalford. My teacher was really humorous and likeable. He injects fun into learning by incorporating games and brain-stimulating speed tests. His teaching method is effective for me because he does not merely spoonfeed. Attending classes at Stalford has helped me to gain an interest in these subjects.”

Neo Jing Shan – Westwood Secondary


“My teacher at Stalford was very motivating and nurturing. He goes beyond his duties as a teacher – he cares for each individual student’s progress and is always there for us. I am really impressed with his teaching methods and his worksheets proved to be very useful. My understanding of the subject has improved so tremendously, thanks to Stalford!”

Lek Chin How – Jurong Sec

Kenneth Khor – C6 TO A2 IN ENGLISH

“I have heard about Stalford from my mum’s friend and I decided to give it a try as the fees are affordable and the location is very convenient for me. I was taught by Mr Chia for English. He prepares comprehension passages for us to not just practise, but also got us to read aloud so that he can correct our pronunciation to prepare for our Oral examinations. My grade for the subject went from a borderline passing to A2 for the ‘O’ Levels. Besides English, I also scored As for E & A Maths, and Pure Physics – all subjects I took with Stalford!”

Kenneth Khor – Queenstown Sec


“I was taught by Mr Adrian Tan in A Maths. Mr Tan is a very patient,  well-organised and friendly teacher. He plans ahead for lessons and always knows what he would cover by our next lesson. This focus kept the class on track towards the ‘O’ Levels. He rebuilt my foundation in A Maths step-by-step, topic by topic, through good questions he gathered from various sources.”

Elaine Tan Wei Ping – Angelica High 


“I was taught by Mr Jay Liew and I find his notes extremely useful – they truly contain everything you need for the examinations! He also goes through a lot of papers from other schools, with that, I gained an excellent understanding for the concepts in the syllabus.”

Chi Ching – Nan Hua High 


“It had been an excellent experience attending GP lessons at Stalford. The small class made it less intimidating to pose questions and more effective for in-class discussions. Most importantly, the class had equipped me with the necessary materials and knowledge for my independent revision.”

Annabel Koh – Dunman High (IP)

Lim Yun Kuan – S to B in General Paper

“The teacher’s encouragement towards participation in lessons created a lively learning environment which in turn maximized our absorption of the wide array of topics discussed.”

Lim Yun Kuan – Anglo Chinese JC

Lim Tze Kai – U to A in General Paper

“Stalford’s tuition class helped me better understand the topics taught in college and hence, the improvement in my grades. Furthermore, the notes given are comprehensive.”

Lim Tze Kai – Nanyang JC

Benjamin Tan – D to A in H2 Mathematics

“Ms Mah took the effort to painstakingly ensure that everyone of us understood the concepts. It is under her guidance and unwavering determination, coupled with a strong will and genuine and desire for us to do well that I was able to obtain my distinction.”

Benjamin Tan – Temasek JC

Desmond Tan – U to A in H2 Mathematics

“My mathematics tuition teacher would prepare her own summary notes to help us understand the concepts taught. She would also extend the lesson way beyond the allocated time to ensure all our doubts
were cleared. Coming to Stalford was the best decision I had made.”

Desmond Tan – Victoria JC

Joyce Neo – D7 to A1 in C. Chem & C. Physics

“Stalford provides comfortable rooms for us to study in and the teacher is also very helpful when it comes to answering our queries. He is willing to spend time clearing our doubts and the answers he gives are also very detailed. I am able to understand the concepts better after my experience at Stalford!”

Joyce Neo, Yuhua Sec

Cheryl Ter Hui Min – D7 to A1 in English & A. Math

“Lessons are very interactive and I enjoyed learning in Stalford. The notes given are very clear and detailed, and teachers highlighted the key points for us to take note, making it easier for us to study and remember. Thank you Stalford!”

Cheryl Ter Hui Min, Hua Yi Sec

Yan Qian Ying – D7 to A1 in E. & A. Math

“With the small class size, I can concentrate better in class. The teacher has provided me with very good materials and a lot of practices. It allows me to have the opportunity to try out more questions. Thank you Stalford for the great experience!”

Yan Qian Ying, Anglican High School

Tan Zhi Hong – C6 to A1 in C. Biology & C. Chem

“The notes provided are good and they are the summarized version of the information in the textbook. It makes it easier for me to understand and remember. Both my teachers are very approachable and they will always answer my questions patiently. I learnt a lot at Stalford and enjoyed the experience here!”

Tan Zhi Hong, Ang Mo Kio Sec

Ooi Soo Lan, C6 to A1 in A. Math, P. Physics

“The teachers give us a lot of worksheets to practice so that we will be more prepared when we face various types of questions. Whenever we meet any problems that we cannot solve, the teachers will always explain till we understand. The environment that we study in is also very conducive for learning, thank you Stalford!”

Ooi Soo Lan, Queensway Sec

Muhammad Arshad Bin Badran – C6 to A1 in C. Chem & Principle of Accounts

“The teachers go at a comfortable pace and they will also provide us with sufficient useful notes. Important learning points will be highlighted to us so that we know the different areas we should focus on when studying. The pleasant environment has also made it easier for me to concentrate during lessons.”

Muhammad Arshad Bin Badran, Hougang Sec

Yue Ying, C6 to A1 in P. Chem

“The environment at Stalford was quiet and it was suitable for learning. My teachers were very knowledgeable and they would always tell us interesting facts about the content so that it would be easier for us to remember certain key points. Interactive classes and friendly classmates made me enjoy the lessons at Stalford!”

Lim Yue Ying, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Sheryl Lim – D7 to A1 in E Math, P. Chem & P. Physics

“The teachers are funny and humorous and they try to make the lessons more interactive in class so that we will enjoy learning the subjects. They also provide us with very in-depth notes and various challenging questions to allow us to be exposed to different types of questions. All these make me feel more prepared for my ‘O’ levels.”

Lim Si Ying Sheryl, Anderson Sec

Li Tian Ze – D7 to A1 in E & A Math, Pure Chemistry

“Lessons with my teachers were very interesting and I enjoyed having such interactive classes at Stalford. The teaching materials provided followed closely to the ‘O’ level syllabus and I found them very useful during my preparation for my examinations.”

Li Tian Ze, Catholic High School

Ivy Zhang – C6 to A1 in English

“I learnt a lot after starting lessons at Stalford and my teacher provided me with very good materials for me to improve my English. The explanation provided was very detailed and I learnt good essay and comprehension skills from her. Thank you Stalford for providing me with a nice environment for studying!”

Ivy Zhang, Tanglin Sec

Dennis Lee – D7 to A1 in English

“I had a very experienced teacher and she taught me a lot of planning and writing skills. We analyzed numerous extracts from various sources and they were beneficial as I have applied such analysis skills during my examinations. I liked the environment at Stalford and enjoyed my lessons here!”

Dennis Lee, Anglo-Chinese (Barker Road)

Amanda Kee – D7 to A1 in Pure Chemistry

“With a smaller number of students in the class, I am able to concentrate better and the teacher can also give each of the students more attention. My teacher is very meticulous and he will ask for feedback after lessons so that he can come up with better lesson plans for subsequent lessons. The teaching materials serve to value-add the notes I get from school, and this allows me to have a more in-depth understanding of the topics.”

Amanda Kee, Commonwealth Sec

Jeane Kwa – PSLE Aggregate 261

“Both my brother and I attend lessons at Stalford. I enrolled as my grades had been inconsistent and I wanted to perform my best for PSLE. The methods that Stalford taught are very easy to understand. Both my brother and I did well for the examinations.”

Jeane Kwa, Westgrove Primary

Keane Kwa – PSLE Aggregate 269

  • Top in school

“The conducive environment of Stalford’s classrooms made it so much better than studying at home! My teachers are very patient and helpful. Their notes do not cover only examinable syllabus but also things that were not taught in school. Concepts are taught clearly and I discovered that there can actually be more than just one way to solve each unique questions.”

Keane Kwa, Westgrove Primary

Justin Ong – PSLE Aggregate 267

“The engaging and passionate teachers at Stalford never fail to explain concepts in a very clear and concise manner to me. The teacher-to-student ratio is also low, allowing each teacher to focus on individual students. The notes are also very useful.”

Justin Ong, Westgrove Primary

Bryan Tho – PSLE AGGREGATE 268

  • Top in school

“My senior in school who also performed brilliantly for his PSLE recommended me to Stalford. Stalford’s notes are not just advanced but also focus on examinable syllabus, thus allowing me to prepare well for PSLE. My English teacher also helped build my confidence in Oral. The centre’s environment allowed me to give my full attention in class.”

Bryan Tho, Bedok Green Primary


  • 2nd in school

“My family relocated to China from 2007 to 2010 and when I returned to Singapore, I had to double my effort in catching up with the standard of English here. My teacher in Stalford is extremely helpful and patient. The engaging lessons coupled with the set of formulated notes allowed me to improve from a low B to Distinction for English! Thank you Stalford!”

He Wan Ru, Chong Fu Primary

Tan Wei Jun – PSLE AGGREGATE 276

  • Top in school
  • Ranked 7th Nationwide

“I have been in Stalford for the past 6 years and throughout, I always find their notes beneficial and this greatly aids me in my studies. The teachers here are passionate and motivated me to maximise my potential. Stalford also provides a conducive environment where I can focus on learning. Their notes are unique and good for independent learning. Stalford is truly a student’s best helper!”

Tan Wei Jun, Nan Hua Primary