The Stalford Story

Stalford Learning Centre was started with the very belief that no student should be left behind and that every student has the potential to be nurtured into active learners and ambitious achievers in attaining their academic goals. At our centre, we have stood by our beliefs in every decision made during this past decade, and such beliefs have guided us every step of the way till today.

Throughout the years, Stalford Learning Centre has strived for bringing nothing short of excellence for our students, be it our strong team of over 400 qualified tutors, friendly and efficient staff, carefully aligned curriculum, a conducive and mentally stimulating environment, and the best teaching materials. Also with the support of believers of our pedagogy, Stalford has successfully expanded tremendously from a mere outlet to a full-fledged learning centre with 15 branches islandwide.

Along our journey, many parents who also subscribe to our philosophy, have left their child in our hands to walk their journey with them, and still entrusts them to us even as they are about to become mature youths. Today, more than a decade long after our inception in 1998, Stalford has not only garnered the trust of many, more importantly, we have also become the choice of many parents like you.

Your Trust, Our Mission: You’d do it better with us, than alone

At Stalford Learning Centre, we aim to provide quality education and excellent service to all our students, assisting them in achieving their aims and realizing their dreams through quality education, the expertise of experienced teachers, a well-trained team of staff and a transparent administrative system. We strongly believe that we are capable of guiding our students and providing them with a holistic education.


Stalford Academy (

Stalford Academy, which has been founded in 2009, is a partner of Stalford Learning Centre. While Stalford Academy may appear to be a recent establishment, its management is not at all new to the local education industry, having had more than a decade’s worth of valuable experience from managing its currently flourishing affiliated school, Stalford Learning Centre. The Academy’s established and extensive background is an assurance for students seeking quality private education and full time courses in Singapore.

Confucius Mandarin

Also under the same network of schools, Confucius Mandarin is another affiliation of Stalford Learning Centre. This school is one that specializes in Chinese tutoring and also offers Chinese Language courses for people from all walks of life taking interest in the language. The courses are offered at different levels from students of varying academic levels including pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary, to working adults who require the language for business usage and even for the foreigners who would like to take up Chinese as a third language.