“Ms Koh’s well-structured and informative lessons will help students of different capabilities achieve their fullest potential in GP exams. Her guidance and mentorship allowed me to overcome my fears and misconceptions of the subject.”

    Tan Si Qi
    A in General Paper for A LEVEL 2018


    “Mr Gabriel is a very experienced Physics teacher who knows the syllabus at the back of his hand and is good at predicting exam questions.”

    Varun Shukla
    A1 in Physics for O LEVEL 2018


    “Mr Loh is a very dedicated English teacher, who helped me develop a love for reading by going through newspaper articles each lesson.”

    Belinda Ho
    A* in English for PSLE 2018

Mr Adrian TanMr Adrian Tan – Mathematics & Additional Mathematics [Sec]

Mr Adrian Tan has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU. He is a kind and dedicated teacher that has helped many students improve their grades from F9 to A1. They will attest to his detailed explanations, and his patience in answering their many questions.

Mr Anson PangMr Anson Pang – General Paper [JC] & English [Sec]

Mr Anson Pang has been teaching for more than a decade and is skilled in adapting his teaching style to cater to the different abilities of students. His results-oriented pedagogy has enabled many students to develop an excellent command of the English language and achieve stellar grades.

Mr Chen Chia ChungMr Chen Chia Chung – Chemistry [JC]

Mr Chen is a dedicated teacher with a First Class Honours in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley and a Master of Science in the same from UC Santa Barbara. His comprehensive explanations on Chemistry concepts have resulted in many of his students scoring As for exams.

Mr Chong Wei LiangMr Chong Wei Liang – Chemistry & Science (Chemistry) [Sec]

Mr Chong has taught in government schools including Westwood Secondary School and Boon Lay Secondary School. His explanations are clear and concise, and he never hesitates to help his students clarify their doubts. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from NTU and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE.

Mr Cornelius ChewMr Cornelius Chew – Physics [JC]

A PSC scholar and National Day Award recipient, Mr Cornelius Chew is NIE-trained and has a degree in Physics & Applied Physics from NUS. With over 30 years of teaching experience, he has developed curriculum for Singapore’s MOE, and is a certified marker for Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level H2 Physics.

Mr Edgar LimMr Edgar Lim – Mathematics & Science [Pri]

With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Education and over 10 years of experience teaching in government schools, Mr Edgar Lim is adept at simplifying abstract concepts and and complex mathematical models. He often shares relatable stories to inspire his students to seek their personal best.

Mr Gabriel MoraisMr Gabriel Morais – Physics & Science (Physics) [Sec]

Mr Gabriel has more than a decade of experience teaching O Level Physics in government schools. He is also an author and publisher of many bestselling assessment books, with over 10 years of writing experience. His books are highly sought after and have undergone multiple reprints.

Mr Hakeem EilyaasMr Hakeem Eilyaas – Mathematics & Additional Mathematics [Sec]

Mr Hakeem has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Maths from NUS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU. A passionate and nurturing teacher, he believes in equipping his students with analytical skills that will be useful to them even beyond their years of formal education.

Mr Hashim AliMr Hashim Ali – Economics [JC]

Mr Hashim has taught Economics for 25 years, and is very well-versed with the rigour and the requirements of the Economics syllabus. He provides exam-oriented notes with relevant and current examples where points and arguments are well-developed to score high marks. He has written six books and his bestselling book “Comprehensive Economics Guide for ‘A’ Level” has been reprinted 16 times. Presently, he is working on a new Economics book based on local context.

Mr Helmindra KamalMr Helmindra Kamal – Science [Pri]

Mr Helmi is an NIE-trained teacher with 10 years of experience teaching in local primary schools. Innovative and resourceful, he is savvy in the use of technology to impart knowledge, and is particularly proficient in training students to answer Process Skills Questions effectively.

Ms Huang ChunhongMs Huang Chunhong – Chinese [Preschool, Pri, Sec]

With over 15 years of experience teaching in China and Singapore, Ms Huang tailors her lessons to match her students’ abilities. Her classes are lively and engaging, filled with many interesting and stimulating activities. She makes it a point to regularly update parents on their child’s progress.

Ms Jacqueline YewMs Jacqueline Yew – General Paper [JC] & English [Sec]

An experienced educator known for her effective teaching methods as well as her rapport with students, Ms Jacqueline Yew has taught in several secondary schools & JCs. She was also formerly Vice-Principal of an Autonomous School, and Assistant Director (Learning Design) at one of Singapore’s top universities. To Ms Yew, every student can — and must — succeed.

Ms Ji JingMs Ji Jing – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

With over 8 years of teaching experience, Ms Ji is a responsible and goal-oriented teacher well versed in the latest MOE curriculum and syllabus. She inspires her students to appreciate Chinese language and culture, and employs a variety of teaching strategies to meet different needs.

Mr Lee Lin CherMr Lee Lin Cher – English [Sec]

An esteemed author of many study guides and assessment books, Mr Lee teaches English in a vibrant manner to ignite students’ interest in the language. He has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from NUS, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU, and over 25 years of teaching experience.

Mr Leong Wei BinMr Leong Wei Bin – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

Mr Leong is a patient and caring educator with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU. He has 5 years of experience teaching in government schools, and is passionate in imparting language skills to his students and resolving any doubts they may have.

Mr Lim Kee TiongMr Lim Kee Tiong – Biology & Science (Biology) [Sec]

Mr Lim has a Bachelor of Science from NUS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU. He has over a decade of experience teaching in government schools including Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. He makes Biology interesting for his students with notes filled with many drawings.

Mr Loh Tee YangMr Loh Tee Yang – English [Pri]

With over 20 years of teaching experience at various top government schools including Rosyth Primary School, Mr Loh makes English relevant and interesting to his students. A former specialist writer with Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore (CDIS), Ministry of Education, he has an illustrious background as an avid writer with over 70 publications to his credit.

Ms Lu WenfeiMs Lu Wenfei – Chinese [Sec, JC]

Ms Lu has a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature from Wuhan University and a Master of Arts from NUS. She specialises in helping students develop their writing skills, and in organising Chinese Language material in a convenient way for students to remember and apply during exams.

Mr Melvin KohMr Melvin Koh – Mathematics [Pri]

NIE-trained Mr Melvin Koh is a firm but patient teacher who is caring to his students’ needs. Having taught students of varying abilities over the last 20 years, he specialises in guiding his students to solve problems in a systematic manner, and strongly believes in cultivating their interest to learn above all else.

Mr New Kok HuiMr New Kok Hui – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

Mr New has a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature from Taiwan’s National Sun Yat-sen University and more than 5 years of teaching experience. He strongly believes in providing a warm and supportive learning environment for his students to develop and hone their Chinese language skills.

Ms Oh Soh HoonMs Oh Soh Hoon – English & Mathematics [Pri]

Ms Jackie Oh attained the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education from NTU. A dynamic and versatile teacher, she has two decades of teaching experience at government schools. Her clear explanations and amiable disposition make her an instant success with her pupils.

Ms Pang Shih NeeMs Pang Shih Nee – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

Ms Pang has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese Literature from Taiwan’s Tamkang University, and over 10 years of experience helping students develop and sharpen their Chinese language skills. Teaching with love and passion, she firmly believes that no student should be left behind.

Ms Patricia KohMs Patricia Koh – General Paper [JC]

A patient teacher and accomplished author with over 10 years of experience teaching in local JCs, Ms Patricia Koh is well liked by her students for her engaging and enlightening lessons. Her revolutionary and effective teaching methods have helped countless students attain As for their GP exams.

Ms Koh holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language from NUS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE. She is a recipient of the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Teaching Award, and also obtained a distinction in teaching practicum.

Ms Qiu YuhongMs Qiu Yuhong – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

With over a decade of teaching experience under her belt, Ms Qiu believes in helping students build a strong foundation in the Chinese language. She is a patient and caring teacher who will go the extra mile to meet individual learning needs.

Mdm Rubie GovindrajMdm Rubie Govindraj – General Paper [JC] & English [Sec]

Mdm Rubie has more than 10 years of teaching experience at MOE schools including Jurong JC, St Andrew’s JC and River Valley High School. Since 2006 she has successfully tutored scores of students in the O Level English Language and A Level GP subjects. An award-winning researcher (AEJMC, Washington, 2012), she has published in several peer-reviewed journals. She has had an illustrious career in journalism with over 100 hours of production credit to her name, and has held a branch head position as a NUSAF Major in MINDEF. She has leveraged on her wide-ranging work experience to develop her own brand of pedagogy.

Mr Samuel LinMr Samuel Lin – Chemistry & Biology [Sec]

A highly experienced NIE-trained teacher and assessment book author, Mr Samuel Lin specialises in providing students with the appropriate scaffolding to level up their grades. He often injects humour into his lessons, and makes scientific concepts come alive by linking them to the real world.

Ms See Miao QiMs See Miao Qi – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

Ms See has a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching Chinese from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and a Master of Teaching Chinese from Shaanxi Normal University, both top universities in China. A patient teacher, she sparks students’ curiosity and interest in Chinese through stories, songs and drama.

Mr Shi YongMr Shi Yong – Chinese [Sec, JC]

Mr Shi has a Master of Arts in Chinese Studies from NUS. He is an earnest teacher who is passionate about the Chinese language and culture, and is always seeking to bring out the maximum potential in his students.

Mr Sin Sek ChonMr Sin Sek Chon – Physics, Chemistry & Biology [Sec]

Mr Sin has a Bachelor of Science from NUS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NTU. He has over a decade of teaching experience at government schools and in private education. A highly motivated and results-oriented teacher, he strives to bring out the best in his students.

Ms Siti NorMs Siti Nor – English, Mathematics & Science [Pri]

With more than 15 years of teaching experience, Ms Siti is adept at identifying and closing the learning gaps of her pupils. To develop their attitude towards continuous positive learning, she helps them acquire confidence in tackling tough questions, as well as see patterns and links in their learning.

Ms Tan Min LiMs Tan Min Li – Phonics, English & Mathematics [Preschool, Pri]

Ms Tan has a Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Masters in Guidance & Counselling, and over 20 years of teaching experience. She makes learning fun and enjoyable, and has created her own phonics curriculum to help preschool & primary school children who cannot read proficiently. Her phonics curriculum is tailor-made to help individual students excel at their own pace, based on their own language development.

Ms Theresa HuangMs Theresa Huang – English, Mathematics & Science [Pri]

Ms Theresa Huang is a psychology graduate with a Diploma in Education from NIE. With more than 10 years of experience teaching in government schools and private institutions, she has helped students of all ages and backgrounds improve their language abilities and critical thinking skills.

Mr Tom HoMr Tom Ho – Economics [JC]

Mr Tom Ho has a Master of Business Administration, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, and more than 10 years of experience teaching Economics. He is well known for his ability to impart skills in answering data response questions and tackling the evaluation element in essays.

Ms Wen ZhujingMs Wen Zhujing – Chinese [Preschool, Pri, Sec]

A specialist in Upper Primary Chinese, Ms Wen has had a prolific teaching career of over 26 years. Her students have flourished under her tutelage, clinching awards in competitions and having their work published in Lianhe Zaobao.

Mdm Yu MiaoMdm Yu Miao – Chinese [Pri, Sec]

Mdm Yu trained as a teacher at Liaoning Normal University and has almost 30 years of teaching experience. Passionate and dedicated, she plans her lessons according to the ability levels of her students, to ensure that they are constantly increasing their Chinese language proficiency.